Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the advantage of hiring a professional makeup artist?

Answer: A professional makeup artist will understand and know what look suits  your personality, your skin tone color, skin type, matching hairstyling with your outfits, the length of the day that make up could be last, and lighting etc.  Using Ampoules & Primer, the makeup will be smoother and last longer without feeling or looking heavy. I also have the tricks and techniques to enhance and improve the look of  brides with monolid eyes or unbalanced eyes.


Question: I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup;  I know I’m supposed to wear a little more for my big day but I don’t want to look too “made up.” I like the Natural look.

Answer:  My job is to make you look like yourself but prettier. By knowing your best facial features, your natural beauty will be perfectly enhanced. Your full satisfaction is my priority. I welcome and value your input. I do listen because you will be the center of attention in the entire hall. We need to achieve your dream look on your special day.


Question: I have sensitive skin and can only use my products. How can you help?

Answer: I will use your cosmetics which you are most comfortable with if you provide them. If I have to use mine, I will explain along all the steps which brand I am using and what is the effect of it so that you can stop me using the particular type if you have any doubts.


Question: What is in your kit?

Answer: A lot of goodies are in my makeup box. I like to pick the finest from all kinds of famous brands Chanel, MAC, Kryolan, Shu uemura, NYX, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown etc. Please feel free to contact me if you need to know more details. There are also some products which are not so pricy but it works well for me too. Remember, it’s always not about product you used; it also depends on how you use them.

As for bridal accessories, I invested a lot on high quality accessories and wide range so that I can doll up the brides with them to achieve most glamorous look on special day.


Question: As a makeup artist, how do u maintain good hygienic practices ?

Answer: Good hygiene is imperative in professional makeup artistry because we have a close contact with many clients on assignments. My rules of thumb are to clean makeup brushes after every used, not to share makeup sponges between clients, to wear face mask to maintain oral hygiene.


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